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Universe of Brahma and Worlds of the Avatar

Universe of Brahma and Worlds of the Avatar

Beyond my visible nature is my invisible Spirit. This is the fountain of Light whereby this universe has its being; beyond this creation… there is an invisible, higher- Eternal, and when all things pass away this remains forever and ever.

~ Bhagavad Gita (7.5; 8.20)

The mystery of the birth and disappearance of the many worlds of Brahmā was said to be superseded only by the mystery of the birth of the Avatar, for he was that manifest Spirit whose reality transcended all the beings and reincarnations of the cosmos.

Image result for krishnas birthWoven into the historic phenomenon of his descent were thus hidden the seeds of the world’s rising destiny. That destiny however, was often thronged with the interlocking phases of light and dark; with the opposing waves of good and evil that often became the complimentary forces of evolutionary Prakriti, manifesting through myriad cycles of the changing epochs.

Brahmā’s universe was thus always subject to the binary motions of nature, to the rise and fall of the waves of a growing dynamis that recurrently journeyed through multiple trajectories of time.

Thousands of years ago, streaming through that mysterious loom of time, inside the body of Brahmā and deep in the core of the silver galaxy, there had emerged many such seismic waves, travelling like sparkling comets across Jambudvipa. The sinister Seeds of the Dasyus – they formed the first of the brandishing currents of darkness, becoming therein, the primal markers of the oncoming Age of Chaos.

Many of those crackling shafts thus dashed across the fault lines of earth, washing upon its central shore, as they eventually tore open the membranes of Aryavart. As soon as the infernal scars were left, the tremours were apprehended in the Seers’ innermost thoughts, and although it was only a subtle flicker they had sensed within the movements of the cosmos, they knew that all was not well in the world of Aryavart.

Image result for krishnas birthThere seemed to exist, always, two worlds of Aryavart: the linear world of Time – moving straight ahead, and the inner world of Eternity- always standing still; for the physical sheath of Aryavart was the outer world of Brahmā – his very own body – encompassing the universe of time and form; which appeared and disappeared with the great mysterious Breath, and with its alternate rise and fall.

That sublime breathing of Brahmā was thus the fundamental law of the cosmos, animating the universal rhythms of day and night, of life and death, and of light and dark. In the outer world of Brahmā – in that physical world of Aryavart – there was thus always battle and conquest, good and evil, joy and sorrow, and there was peace and war.

Image result for krishnas birthYet, enfolded within – the world that stood still, untouched, as all the cosmic events rolled by – was the immutable world of Vishnu, contained deep within the body of Brahmā… for Vishnu was the Soul of Brahmā; he was the Soul of the Universe, and thus that pure, inviolate space that existed between war and peace, between good and evil, between life and death, and between light and dark.

Whenever Brahmā’s universe thus reached the pinnacle of Chaos, when it touched the zenith of all Imbalance, then that Supersoul, it was said, came to the fore and thereon restored harmony in the body of the cosmos.

In the advent of darkness which was thus nearing the Fourth Age, there were violent murmurs of unrest that rose from nature’s growing snares, and the great grandsire, Brahma, was challenged thenceforth to reform the universe that was once wrought by creation’s pure labours and matter’s laws.

For in the descending cycles of time, life was often crippled by such dark movements and malignant forces that often broke forth from Patal, and from the karmic devolutions of the world’s inconscient thoughts.

Image result for vishnu gifsYet the Transcendent Wisdom, it was said, always found its way into the darkest snares, when the reviving flame of Vishnu descended, answering thus to Brahma’s fervent call.

Emerging through the treacherous currents of darkness, amidst those fateful blows of death, the beaming Spirit of Vishnu had thus descended in the Third Age of Dvapar, marking thereon the long-awaited emergence of the incarnate Avatar.

Into the fallen human sphere he thus came, his spirit breaking through the first rays of dawn, and crowned with the Solar light, that Blue One’s aura had therein grown and expanded over the years into its constituent powers, heralding the oncoming transformation of earth, whilst following in the luminous Order of the stars.

As he grew, with the spirit of Vishnu thus gleaming through his eyes, common things, it was said, turned into quivering miracles of life, and dark flowing abysses of angst transformed into unforeseen joys.

Image result for krishna and flute gifsWithin the many worlds of Aryavart, Krishna was indeed that only child whose incessant play could never be contained; for all of life was his playground, his flute symbolizing the ardent love and reverence of that life which he unconditionally embraced.

He could play and he could dance, as naturally as he could fight, for his bliss followed him everywhere, even into the mighty land of Kurukshetra that was doomed by time to a bedevilled plight. Since his playful nature did not segregate life into evil and good, it equally participated in the experiences of war and peace, and of joy and pain, whilst in its sublime ecstasy transcending them all.

The ongoing adventures of his life were known to have unfolded in the quaint hamlets of Gokul, beside the jade forests of Vrindavan and by the banks of the misty waters of the Yamuna, where his existence was consummated in the chaos of the many worlds of Brahma.

Led by the fluting of that mysterious Player the world had thus often stood bewildered, lost in the splendours of a curious trance, where the charades of mortal men were known to Image result for krishna fighting serpenthave crumbled at the sight of his own visage; for he could probe the dark and draw out its hidden light, and whilst leaping into the jaws of giant serpents, he could rend their monstrous might.

The inklings of Vishnu, it was said, could often be sensed in his mysterious deeds and powers, for he often led the evil ones towards their secret good, whilst harmonizing the forces of light and dark.

And although a few gauged his essence, none knew the eternal secrets of the universe that he carried deep within his heart, for most men lived in the shadows of decadent laws and customs, shackled by the weight of their own thoughts, while Krishna’s soul followed the pulse of an Eternal Order – that stirred the whole earth about the sun and moved the stars onto their mighty path.

When exceeding their established limits, the gods would thus overpower the earth, then by obstructing their disruptive forces, he would therein shield the world; and when amidst the roar of titans, the beastly forces would unfurl, then by transmuting all malicious energies he would at once burn their evil thirst. When unbridled showers would likewise imperil the old village clans, then the fair mountains would be lifted as refuge, by the mere touch of his hands, and when by soulless power the world would be thus viciously racked, then in an unforeseen communion he would become within the mortals, the spark of that unusual strength which withstands.

Mortal men thus caved at his mysterious rhythms, often captured by the inebriating enigma of his tone, for every time the Avatar spoke, they could hear, within his voice, echoes of their own soul.

Image result for krishna gifThe paradoxical truth of the Avatar was expressed always in such double exigencies and dual realities of his nature: of being simultaneously human and divine; for Krishna was divine in that neither victory nor defeat, neither joy nor sorrow, neither good fortune nor ill-fortune could stir him, as being empty of a fixed human identity hurled him equally into the joyful as well as the tragic contingencies of life.

He was involved in everything but by nothing was he ever confined, for the smallest calamity could command his attention, whilst the greatest tragedy could leave him unaffected and resigned. Such a keen and detached involvement, made transparent to his steady eagle-vision, all the invisible and hidden forces of life, and this according to the seers reflected the ideal of the Sthitaprajna – the unflinching spirit – that stood unshaken through all the storms.

Yet, Krishna was human too, in that he acted through all the common restraints and limitations that deterred the common man. However, unlike most men, he was guided by a superior intelligence which required neither thought nor plan; for his being was constantly aligned with the Universal Pulse, absorbed completely in the Light, uninterrupted by the vagaries of life and the shifting tides of time.

Men were thus always drawn to him like moths to a fire, for he was stirred by neither good, nor by evil; universal in his vision – he recognized neither right nor wrong, only the Absolute Truth and Dharma that served the All. Such a nature of restrained equanimity that did not yield even under the severest trials and tribulations of time, was indeed the great secret of the soul’s mastery over existence, and over the restless tides of life.

Image result for krishna at dwarkaOn his subsequent journeys through the lands of Aryavart, Krishna balanced and transformed many forces that obscured the paths and voices of truth, and protecting the mortals from the growing threshold of gloom, he thereupon delivered them to their soul’s highest good. For in the descent of the Night that had neared the end of the Third Age of Dvapar, men had begun to follow the promptings of a falsehood that lingered in the foreboding depths of the dark hours, but leading the people out of those shadowy lands and treacherous paths, Krishna had gone on to thereupon create the mysterious island of Dwarka.

The advent of misery yet clasped at those who were consumed by a surging ignorance, invoking in their senses the darkness of a dreadful presence, for springing out of their titan embryos, the Dasyus had now begun to enslave human minds in a swallowing inconscience, perpetuating thus the fierce hegemony that was shaped by arresting desire and evil intent.

Absorbed in the little joys and the sorrows that had now girdled their lives in the precarious workings of the dark, the denizens of Aryavart, in their growing ignorance, had thus begun to succumb to the Dasyus’ call. All those who were thenceforth arrested in its consuming web and its soulless thoughts, began to now side with deceit and falsehood, which invaribly led to the primal stirrings of the Great War.

The first inklings of the Asuric force thereupon rose in that fair land, through lesser men and divided nations, through greed and envy, to trample, to slaughter, to destroy, and to burn, in order to fulfil its vicious needs and its narrow ends.

The unfolding events of Dvapar were thus often regarded as depraved, and it was considered a sheer horror by some, who rather saw the problems of the Age as giving birth to a greater evil that would destroy their ancestral land. Yet to the oracular adepts such as Vyasa, the events were perceived as potentially good for the promise of the new-world possibilities that it held; and things were therein regarded as occasionally good and ofttimes evil, for relative morality was always a common feature of those lower realms.

But beyond those alternating dualities of the world of Brahma, there was an Absolute Morality – founded on the ethic of the Soul – reflecting an Absolute Good and an Absolute Justice – executed by the lofty measures of a Cosmic Order, which took no sides and which had no foes; for everything belonged to it and subsisted on its flow, as it adhered solely to the impartial will of the all-knowing Source.

To that end, the Great War, for Arjun, often signified a mere battle of right and wrong: a battle for justice, fought between two opposing forces and clans. But for Krishna – whose mighty vision encompassed the All – the battle signified the universal motions of the Image result for lord krishna and arjun gifCosmic Order re-establishing itself; for the Avatar’s vision was but the higher vantage of the Supersoul, where all extremities of life were reconciled in the integral truth of the whole.

In the absolute vision of the Avatar, each thing was thereupon fulfilling its nature and its purpose, according to its place in that Divine Order of the stars.

Yet as the Fourth Age now approached in the whirling motions of an anarchic descent, all the worlds could be seen tumbling gradually towards an inexorable hell. But supplanting the growing terrors with the vigil of a superior sense, the Avatar’s movements now began to unravel another secret of deeper significance; and therein lay the thrust of the Avatar’s birth, his magic deeds and his prowess, which found its way even through the hazardous wefts of death; piercing thus through the darkest webs of the world’s unseeing ignorance.

By the three primal forces of nature, all this world is led astray, and knows me not as That beyond, which passes not away…For the mysterious powers of Maya are hard to surmount, but those who ascend and surrender unto Me, they alone are able to conquer this play.

~ Bhagavad Gita (7.13-14)

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